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2 tasks for the #MultiOne and #GreenMech to start the week...

MultiOne 7.3S articulated loader with grab #MultiOne

Greenmech ArbTrak 150 tracked 6" chipper #GreenMech

Getting the right tools on the task ensures maximum efficiency and productivity to get the job done!

Why MultiOne:

MultiOne: a multifunction loader delivering an innovative solution for those looking to maximise productivity in every industry from landscaping and agriculture to construction and public maintenance. Many models available and over 170 attachments, MultiOne is the most powerful, innovative and reliable Multifunction Mini Loader available.

Still in (almost 😆) showroom condition despite being worked hard, this machine has been in use with Empire Trees since 2015.

7 years on task, the MultiOne still boasts sleek and efficient Italian styling combined with the raw power, versatility and manoeuvrability required of the demanding arboricultural workspace. A pleasure to operate in any situation and more than capable of completing the task.

A broad range of attachments from stump planing, to flail cutting, forks, grab, bucket, high capacity grass cutting, tree shear, finger bar hedge cutter (to name just a few) ensure this machine is ready for any task.

There are a wide range of short videos (many with >5000 views!) of the MultiOne in use with Empire Trees at YouTube so take a look and see what it can really do:

Whatever the task - MultiOne is likely to be able to deliver! If you want it doing right, get the right tools and skills for the job.

Why GreenMech:

Probably the most versatile, go-anywhere, 150mm wood chipper on the market, complete with a highly manoeuvrable track system that will take you to all those hard to-get-to spots in all kinds of ground conditions.

Fitted as standard with a Kubota Diesel 34hp and the in-feed construction that has set the standards for quietness of operation, durability and performance.

The ArbTrak 150 is a key component of specialist professional contractors focussed on maintaining difficult terrain where extra traction and lower ground pressure in less than perfect conditions is common. This machine is very agile and manoeuvrable.

Simply the best tool for the job!

The #ArbTrak150 in action on a previous task:

And there you have it - MultiOne and GreenMech combining to deliver maximum efficiency again - this time in forestry / site clearance mode!

And here is a little feedback from one of those tasks:

"...Hi Kevin, I'm sorry I missed you yesterday and failed at providing tea!

Thank you so much though, you did an amazing job! It definitely looks a bit bare now, but at least we can see what we'd working with and can plan to plant the right things in the right places and give the existing trees a decent shot at flourishing.

We're really happy and would recommend you to anyone, thank you 👍

So that is Empire Trees working smart to get the job done right.