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Tackling the 'Ivy Monster!'

ETGS will never undertake tree work that conflicts with company principles of good arboriculture and environmental sensitivity - further details available at the 'Business Ethos' document on the webpage.

It is however always a pleasure to provide a service to a tree owner who shares these simple principles.

Whilst recognising the 'need' for remedial work, the new occupiers of this property were left with the adverse effects of a historic lack of care, attention and awareness of root protection areas which manifest in significant crown die-back and potentially hazardous deadwood.

Whether it be the poorly informed action of the homeowner or (perhaps in the pursuit of the cheapest quote) the inappropriate intervention of an inadequate 'tree surgeon', the adverse effect of poorly considered tree management may take some years to be noticeable. But it WILL end up costing more in the long run - if you think professional tree management is expensive try using an amateur!

This Oak tree had suffered long term, irreparable damage to health and vitality as a consequence of extensive excavations within the root protection area.

Removal of over-hanging dead limbs was necessary but retention of the standing stem as a fantastic hunting perch for Owl and Buzzard, and all of the benefits of retaining a standing stem was an easy 'sell' to a notably environmentally aware homeowner.

The Ivy, whilst immensely beneficial for bees and birds was a NIGHTMARE for Iain to climb 🤯

If you think professional tree management is expensive try using an amateur!