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Landscaping - what could possibly go wrong?

Landscaping - what could possibly go wrong?

The pictures in the first gallery below are lifted from the recent social media advertising feed of a landscaping company. Click on each picture for close-up detail and see if you can spot the potential issues.

On the face of it, this project looks like a professionally executed job with decent materiels, good workmanship, a tidy site and a quality finish.

The client should be very happy with their new landscape features and the expectation of many years of trouble and maintenance free enjoyment. Let’s hope that is the case.

I’d give it 3 - 5 years before the problems start.

They probably won’t be problems with the materiel or construction of the landscaping work - on face value, that all looks to be very professionally executed.

But look now at the pictures in the second gallery - click on each picture.