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Why change from grass to wildflower...?

I want to take you on a pictorial gallop through a Summer of wildflower meadow experiment.

It is just a small area at home where I wanted to trial the potential benefits of sowing wildflower in comparison to grass lawned area. The experiment started Autumn 2019 with the careful selection and sowing of suitable wildflower seed to a previously grassed area.

Whilst it did look ‘untended’ for the period from sowing to germination - and I did receive some adverse comments about how it looked barren - patience (and confidence) prevailed and the result (from Spring this year) is evident in the pictures below.

The logic supporting this experiment is so simple and obvious that I remain completely disillusioned with the apparent ignorance, apathy and idleness of (predominantly) local authority (county and parish councils) grounds maintenance managers in their apparent lack of imagination and ambition.

Of course formal or recreational grassed areas have an important function in the provision of sporting and amenity recreation but they are expensive to maintain and they represent a pretty barren ecological desert of mono-culture grass with very limited opportunity for species diversification and enh