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Safe Working During COVID19

Here is what the Health & Safety Executive has to say about work when it cannot be done from home:

Essential and non-essential work

  • Keep your business open. With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any other businesses to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on.

  • Employers should take every possible step to facilitate their employees working from home. Where it is not be possible to work from home you can still travel for work purposes, provided you are not showing coronavirus symptoms and neither you nor any of your household are self-isolating.

  • Employers who have people in their offices or onsite should ensure that employees are able, where possible, to follow Public Health England guidelines on social distancing (including, where possible, maintaining a 2 metre distance from others), and hygiene (washing their hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds). Follow government guidance on how to keep your employees safe.

There has been much misreporting in the media and equal amounts of misunderstanding of government guidance from certain sectors of society resulting in 'flaming' and hysterics across social media platforms being directed at businesses that are continuing to work.

It is not, and never has been, the case that only 'essential' services / businesses should be continuing to function.

In a commerce based economy (the exchange of goods or services for financial reward) it is argued that a sustained > 6.4% drop in GDP presents a far greater threat to life than the worst predicted casualties from COVID 19.

This modelling has been conducted and is presented (in slightly differing form) by Professor François Balloux, chair in computational biology at University College, London and by Professor of Risk Management Philip Thomas of Bristol University.

It is not by coincidence therefore, that government guidance has been perfectly clear in this regard from the get-go. There are businesses that have been DIRECTED to close such pubs, cinemas, restaurants etc.

If a business is NOT on the list of those directed to close, and it is NOT possible to work from home, and it IS possible to follow Public Health England guidance for social distancing, then business should continue - albeit taking account of necessary adaptations.

It has been a busy week for Empiretrees - delivering services and catching up on maintenance and cleansing routines.