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COVID-19 Bulletin

Mindful of the rapidly changing situation, the following bulletin sets out a brief summary of how ETGS will maintain normal service throughout the current health crisis.

To reassure any clients that might be at 'high risk' or voluntarily embarking upon 'self-isolation', all usual business outputs can be delivered without any form of close personal contact between ETGS staff and the client.

We already have well established, existing procedures which allow exceptional service delivery to Ex-Pat UK property owning clients as far away as Malaysia, USA, IoS etc. Examples of previous task update video summaries can be found in previous blog entries.

The use of telephone, email and photo confirmation of the required task, combined with video updates as a task progresses and bank transfer payments ensure customer confidence and requires no unnecessary personal contact.

It is intended that all existing scheduled tasks will be completed as agreed and that new enquiries will be welcomed.

Any client with a specific question or particular concern should not hesitate to bring this to our attention.

In the meantime, be assured that ETGS is keenly aware of the ever changing situation and determined to implement all appropriate measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.