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Engine House Oak

This has been an interesting task - in a fantastic setting!

A mature Oak on a 3-way split boundary where there had been some very large limb failures into the neighbouring plots over the Winter.

Concerned for the structural integrity of the tree above the garage, a reduction of lateral limb extension, crown raise, removal of historic hanging deadwood and an ivy clear was the course of action advised and adopted by the land owner.

With properly considered and professionally executed arboricultural pruning it is entirely appropriate to retain a natural form and relative crown symmetry with the minimum necessary targeted cuts so as to retain foliage and avoid undue stress to the tree physiology.

Some interesting rigging challenges to avoid the boiler house chimney and remove the hanging deadwood and reduction timber initially only inches above the garage slate roof.

Nice to be able to have contributed, in a very small way by virtue of retaining rather than removal of this magnificent Oak, to this Heritage listed site.