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MultiOne bringing massive power and versatility to the task

Following on from the Beech tree dismantle at Darite, came the task of clearing the neighbour's field of the mess left after the highways team lifted the failed tree from the road and deposited it in an unholy mess in the neighbour's field, salvaging the usable timber from the wood pigeon's nest of stems and brash and setting aside the brash in a burning pile.

Looking at the tangled mass of trees, fencing wire, posts etc it looked like a horrible task to return the field to something like order.

Having the right machinery with a selection of attachments (hydraulic grab, forks, tree shear, bucket) available provided the functionality and the efficiency to smash the task in a day.

But the MultiOne work doesn't stop there! It is also hard at work converting timber to firewood and stacking the bags to season and tidying up after the job.

The power of the MultiOne making short work of clearing fallen trees!