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The importance of keeping up to date with Continuous Professional Development

It's good to keep up to date with the latest CPD opportunities to ensure currency and compliance with industry best practices.

E-Certificates for completion of the GB non-native invasive species secretariat's courses for:

- Introduction to Invasive Non Native Species,

- Identification and Recording,

- Identification of Invasive Riparian Plants, and

- Biosecurity

all completed recently.


The Cornwall Branch Arboriculture Association Autumn Seminar tomorrow (20 Nov 18) with guest speaker Jeremy Barrell who will be investigating what is a reasonable inspection regime considering the latest legal judgements and best practice in relation to liability.

This is a new presentation and Cornwall will be the first to hear it and it will be useful to have the insights of one of Britain’s leading planning and legal tree advisors.

Jeremy has been involved in 6 of the 11 civil cases relating to harm arising from tree failures that have resulted in written judgments in the last two decades and he brings this unique experience to the issue.

In this presentation, Jeremy will report a summary of the current state of the nation in respect of highway tree inspections, and offer his interpretation of what the standard of duty of care is likely to look like into 2019, and beyond. (And I'm quite certain the opportunity to discuss St Cleer cemetery tree issues will arise!!)

And for next week (26 Nov 18) we have the "Trees, Woods & Hedges: Cornwall's Canopy Action Plan - a stakeholder event" to look forward to at National Trust Trelissick Garden, Feock.

Somewhere in between all of that there is the usual manic rush of work to finish in the run in to Christmas...