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A Visit to the GreenMech factory

A fantastic, informative and hospitable visit to the GreenMech factory 25 April. Great great bunch of guys on the tour, hugely knowledgable, experienced and rightly proud MD, management team and staff. This truly was a paradigm example of great British engineering at its best. Here is a company which can trace its origins back to owner operator, hands on, user orientated design and engineering principles, has been at the vanguard of bringing market leading innovation across a range of products, has kept ahead of the competition on price and quality through the adoption of LEAN principles (to maximise efficiency and minimise input costs) and is expanding into UK and overseas markets with exports of high quality, good value, reliable machines. GreenMech rightly deserves its reputation for build quality and customer service in a market place which places such high demand (and dependency) upon its machinery. With the added treat of being able to see your own machine as it is being manufactured!