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Protected (TPO) tree management in Launceston - reinstatement, after a +/- 30 year lapsed pollard, o

Following on from a site visit to assess Root Protection Areas on behalf of the project architect, significant and immediate safety critical decay pockets were identified within the avenue of lapsed pollard Lime trees which stood within a high hazard target area of frequent use school recreation space.

A great example of the benefit of being able to survey, assess, analyse, propose and present a work schedule for approval by the land owner and then deliver the works in a seamless package from start to finish.

A supplementary benefit of this project was the provision of the short video (including drone footage) to the school as an educational opportunity to explore and discuss the issues surrounding trees in the build environment, the physiology of trees, benefits of trees to people and the environment and the effect of age and decay in tree safety considerations. Proposed works were approved without delay or alteration by the Local Authority Tree officer - a testament to the consistent accuracy and appropriateness of planning submissions which has resulted in Empire Tree and Garden Services being awarded Planning Portal "Planning Champion" status and Cornwall council "Accredited Agent" status.